How to Take Care of Your Cashmere Jumper

November 23, 2011 by admin  
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Cashmere is very delicate and your beautiful cashmere jumper needs to be looked after carefully. One important thing is not to wash your jumper too often. Unless it gets particularly dirty for some reason then you probably only need to wash it about every eight to ten outings.  When you do wash it make sure you use fairly cool water and a dedicated cashmere or delicates detergent.

When you wear your jumper, make sure you do not get perfume or make up on it. If you get any stains on it try to treat them immediately if you possibly can. Cashmere is a very durable fabric and will last for a long time if well looked after. If you are going to store your jumper for an extended period make sure it is freshly washed before you store it. This will help to reduce the chances of moth damage. Store it safely in a bag to prevent insects, dust and moisture getting to it.

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